15 SEO Analysis Tools to Optimize Your Website For Success

Google’s Webmaster tool

Often it is believed that a search engine can well optimize one’s weblink so that any business owner can get the best out of the same. SEO helps the business owner track down customer traffic, which allows them to earn profit in return. There are several companies which would enable these business owners in digital marketing for their online business.

Apart from them, there are a lot of online service portals which can also help in optimizing the web pages. They are referred to as SEO analysis tools. There are various SEO analysis tools which are available on the internet. Let’s take a glance at the top 10 best SEO tools available online.

Google’s Webmaster Tool:

Google’s Webmaster tool is one of the best SEO tools which come for free. It is fast in its performance and it swiftly resources all of Google’s search results. Page Speed Insight a feature of Google Webmaster Tool, this feature is entitled to keep a track on the performance of the assigned websites.

Google’s Webmaster tool

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand.
google analytics

Keyword Planner:

Keyword Tool is a free SaaS product that uses Google Autocomplete and other search engines to generate relevant long-tail keywords and related keywords for any topic.

Keyword Planner


As per preference, Ahrefs is ranked 2nd in this ranking. It is priced at $99. This tool is counted as one of the advanced SEO sourcing tools that first investigates on web page’s properties then creates links and keywords to help the website owner to make a better decision as per the content.


Woo rank:

Woo rank is 3rd in this order. It provides the customer with a free 14days trial, and then the customer is provided with two buying plan, Pro plan is priced at $49 per month and Premium plan for $149 per month. Woo rank analyzes websites and then provides the web page owner with excellent decision-making opportunities for improvement and optimization of the sites.

Woo rank

Hub Spot’s Website Grader:

Hub Spot’s Website grader is fourth in this order. This is one of the free SEO tools.HubSpot’s Website Grader is a website analyzing tool. It has helped many business owners in website optimization.

Hub Spot’s Website Grader

Check my links:

The fifth in this list is Check my links. Check my list is an optimizing tool. It is one of the free SEO tools. This tool helps in detecting broken links to get it right before being published by the editor.

check my links

Buzz Stream:

Buzz Stream is used for link building. This SEO tool provides a free trial period for 14 days, and then it is charged at $24 per month basis. This tool is charged at 14 days free trial tenure then there is a pre-paid plan $24 per month. It is one of the least expensive methods used for link building on the internet.

Buzz Stream

Mob’s pro tools:

Mob’s pro tool comes 7th in this order. This tool is available with a 30days free trial offer, and then it is priced at $99 per month. It is a website analyzing tool. The tool helps the subscribers in sourcing out SEO opportunity for future growth and optimization of the assigned Website.

SEO tools


Linkody is ranked 8th in this order. The tool helps in tracking down backlinks on websites. This tool costs $15 per month.


Upcity’s SEO Report card:

Upcity’s SEO Report card is ranked 9th in this order. It is a free SEO tool. Generally, this tool often is for analyzing methods for the betterment of the assigned web pages against competitors.

Upcity’s SEO Report card


SemRush is a free SEO tool. This tool works as a keyword researcher.SEMrush is a popular SEO tool that specializes in keyword research, competitor analysis, and Google Ad campaign optimization


Screaming Frog:

This nifty tool crawls your site using a Google-like crawler. And it generates a report of potential issues (like HTTP header errors, javascript rendering issues, bloated HTML, and crawl errors).

screaming frog


Moz is a software as a service (SaaS) company based in Seattle that sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscriptions. It was founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004 as a consulting firm and shifted to SEO software development in 2008.

moz tool

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test :

Mobile-Friendly Test is a tool that allows you to easily carry out a mobile site test telling about a website’s score in terms of mobile responsiveness. Just like Google mobile-friendly test, the tool is inspired to calculate the score that Google does.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

These are the top ten SEO analyzing tools used. Let’s see if this list helps you out in the long run by enabling you to take a good choice.

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