Monkey Tattoo Designs

30+ Best Monkey Tattoo Designs

Monkey is a cute animal. It is also one of the most intelligent animals. The fun loving, pranksters, quick, humorous, clever, sharp, and mischievous, these are the words which come to mind... Read more »
Smart Map Tattoo Design And Ideas

38 Best Smart Map Tattoo Design And Ideas

Whether you are a globetrotter or simply love to travel around the world, the next in rage are the smart map tattoo designs. Even the scholarly people who love to read extensively... Read more »
Unique Minimal Tattoo Designs

65 Best Unique Minimal Tattoo Designs

A tattoo design shouldn’t have to be bold, intricate or to cover your entire body part. In fact, several people are now looking for minimalistic designs. These designs are not only extremely... Read more »
Cherry Tattoo Designs

30+ Best Cherry Tattoo Designs Ideas For Girls

Cherry are succulent fruits that reminds of exotic desserts. However, this fruit is also the most popular tattoo design among women and girls. Women love to sport this tattoo on their wrists,... Read more »
marquesan tattoos for men and women

40+ Traditional Marquesan Tattoos For Men And Women

Long time ago, tattoos were only worn by people belonging to a particular class or segment of the society. The tattoo designs were also used to distinguish people from different classes. For... Read more »
foot tattoo designs for girls

55+ Beautiful Foot Tattoos Designs and Ideas For Girls

Making a style statement has become very important these days. From different types of attires to the most fashionable accessories, people are buying everything. People want to look better and different from... Read more »
Stunning Black And Grey

50 Stunning Black and Grey Tattoos

Colours are vibrant but black and grey are dangerously appealing. Yes, here we are discussing tattoos and why black and Grey tattoos are more favoured than the colored ones. A survey was... Read more »
Stomach Tattoo Designs and Ideas

20+ Beautiful Stomach Tattoo Designs and Ideas

You pretty girls, remember, one of the ways to lure attention of your bae towards you is by flaunting a taut stomach. And if a tattoo is inked on your belly then... Read more »
Aztec Tattoo Designs

35+ Aztec Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

However modern we might become, how much ever we drink and party and embrace latest technologies and processes; one part of our mind still adore the ancient culture and gothics. You need... Read more »
Ripped Skin Tattoo Design and Ideas

35 Amazing Ripped Skin Tattoo Design and Ideas

We have seen some bizarre alterations in the media and fashion world. Weird clothes made out of aluminium and plastics, weirder hairstyles that look like bird’s nest and weirdest looking gothic accessories.... Read more »