How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Instagram

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Instagram

Social media is a good marketing tool because it helps to make voice of a brand, engaging a community and promoting content. Well-known social channels are not only attractive platforms completed with fashion bloggers. Instagram is also an important platform that can be used for selling products. The highest rate of engagement is possessed by Instagram among other well-known social networks.

In the number of active users per month, Instagram is behind Facebook. The popularity of the app is increasing quickly. Instagram has 1 billion active users per month until June 2018. It has already announced a new video app for the long term. It is called the IGTV. Let us share a few tips to drive traffic organically from Instagram to your site:

Engage the Audience on Instagram Stories – Instagram stories feature offers enhanced creativity. In August 2016, the stories were launched by Instagram. By November 2017, it has more than 300 million active users per day. It denotes 300 million people are watching stories regularly.

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A number of compelling features are there in the stories that involve location tags, GIFs, boomerangs, stickers, and filters. Brands use stories to influence and entertain the audience. Stories can be informative, funny and engaging. Stories disappear within a day but using highlights facet, it is possible to save the best story to own profile.

Adding a Link to the Bio – Each Instagram account has space in its profile to accommodate a clickable link. This is known as “link in bio”. A reduced URL is applied for keeping the space uncluttered and clean. A link should be present in the bio always either on the promotion landing page, home page or wherever you need driving more traffic.

Users should be encouraged to view the link by referring to the link inside the bio. It should be given in the captions of the photos. The only location for hyperlinks is known as “Link in bio” which can be seen by every account on Instagram. Business accounts with numerous followers like 10000 or more will get enhanced opportunities for the hyperlink.


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