Types of Cricket Matches – How To Play A Fantasy Cricket Match

There is no game that can match the charisma and intensity of Cricket – the most-watched sport in the world. Seeing their favorite players in action is really a soothing and out of the world experience for Cricket lovers.

India has just defeated Sri Lanka in the 3rd ODI in Pune. With this win, India has clinched the series from Sri Lanka with 2-0.  It is the best time to talk about the various cricket formats that are bedazzling sports fans worldwide these days. Although the basic structure of the game is always the same, the variations are different from each other in terms of the number of overs, innings, field restrictions, the color of the ball, players’ dresses, etc.

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Undoubtedly, it is the most popular format of the gentleman’s game. As the name suggests, every team gets twenty overs to play.  The team that bets first set a score for the second team to chase. If the second team achieves the target, it becomes the winner. If not, the first team grabs the title. The overs are lesser than other formats and the gameplay is equally faster. To make optimum use of the overs, the batsmen need to smash boundaries and bowlers need to take wickets quickly. The fast-paced action makes it truly exciting and exhilarating. The craze for T20 matches in India is evident by the mammoth success of Indian Premier League (IPL) is the


ODI (One Day International) is another thrilling form of Cricket which is played on a single day. The maximum number of overs a team gets is 50. If the first team gets all-out before 50 overs are bowled, their innings end and the second team bats to chase the score. It is extremely delightful for the audience to watch their favorite players hammering sixes and fours non-stop for 100 overs. The ICC World Cup is played in ODI format only.


It is relatively the oldest format of the game which is played over a span of four to five days. Each team plays two innings in this format. In a day, 90 overs are needed to be bowled. The team that wins the toss chooses whether to ball or bat first. If it decides to bet, it can play for as much time it wants till the time its two batsmen are present on the field.

The second team comes to bat to trail the score when the first team loses 10 wickets or declares its innings. If it achieves the score, it starts leading and continues playing to set a target for the team that batted first. Now the first team has to trail the new score. If the second team gets all-out while pursuing the score the first time and the difference is more than 200 runs, the first team has the choice to let them bet again or bowl. If the second team fails to achieve the first innings score even after that, the first team wins.

All the above-mentioned variations require patience, persistence, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. Players like Virat Kohali, Sikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, etc know how to handle difficult situations and change their style of play as per the requirement.

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Fantasy Cricket

Not just as an audience, you can also enjoy the action-packed Cricket matches as a player. Playing fantasy Cricket is a never-seen-before way to test your game knowledge as well as make good money. There are several gaming sites in India that host fantasy games in a wide range of formats such as Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi, etc.

How To Play A Fantasy Cricket Match

Choose a match of an ongoing Test, ODI, or T20 series. Choose the players for your team (captain, vice-captain, batsmen, wicketkeeper, bowlers, etc) as per your game knowledge and understanding of their performance. You score points on the basis of sixes, fours, wickets, and catches your players take in the real match. After the match, your team will get ranked as per its performance (points). If it comes under the best performing teams, you receive a share of the total cash reward which you can withdraw in your bank account.

You can play online contests with real money and win mind-blowing prizes.

A Cricket match is like a high-octane battle on the field that captivates players and viewers alike. There is no doubt in saying that the fervor for the game is only going to grow in the upcoming years.

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